[ Jeff Plotkin - ENGL 112 - Journal 02-20 to 02-27 ]


02-20-2003 - 10:46


genetics are not infinite. That is why so many people are similar. Also, it is why humans are so similar to other mammals, and mammals to other animala and animals to other living things.



02-20-2003 - 21:22


it would be funny if i could take and pass all 30 CLEPs
 that would be too much credit and i couldnt have it all
 so the moral of the story is advanced planning may lead to simplier solutions.
he is doing the old 'carrying it upstairs with you to go get something else, then going back downstiars'
should have just left it downstiars, and come back to it
i think it would be rewarding to be involved in the development of new computing technology that operate in different fundemental ways, such as quantum computers


02-20-2003 - 21:55


part of me is leaning towards learning stuff like CPU design
but it may be pointless
i think it would be rewarding to be involved in the development of new computing technology that operate in different fundemental ways, such as quantum computers
its all about the macro vs micro
everytime i see michale jackson it makes my stomach turn

a question that might be on the CLEP test

they have some programing-ish questions
Info Systems and Computer Applications
the following pseudocode depicts the logic in a section of a computer program
set a to 1
set b to 3
set a to a + b
while a < 20
set a to (a*a)/2
end while

after the execution of the program segment, what will be the value of variable A?
a: 16 b: 20 c:21 d:32 e:64

what is the answer? a, b, c, d or e?
 i am a bit surprised they expected people to know that though cuz they dont do programming in that type of course. it is essentially BASIC
but the concept of a while loop is not quite pure logic
one might think that the loop would automatically end at 19
 one could think that as soon as a got up to 19 the loop would end
 if they didnt know how the loops worked
 that is the hardest question on the test i think
 its actually under the catigory of business
sweet javascript
i should talk to cody
i dont know anyone else who uses javascript
ow, i didnt know you could have classes in javascript
er, at least not custom ones
its cool cuz it looks like a real application and is illustrates my point that such an application interface, even in raw win32 should be as easy to create
thats not to say what he did was easy
im just saying it should be as easy
what he has done, if run on IE, essentially wraps to win32 anyway
when you put a text input box in a web page, and view that web page on IE on windows, it uses the same text box in that as it would in any other MFC app


02-21-2003 - 00:10


you could create a program with windows that you can drag and stuff like a real program in an html file with javascript
i am just talking about program interfaces by the way
.you could make a whole program using html javascript as an UI and java for parts that require file o/i
 file i/o and total customizabilty

you can mix liquid soap with pure oil and it will netrealiZE
neutralize in that it will be some water soluble

02-21-2003 - 01:13


detection requires observation which requires resources.


abstract conceptualization system


I rebel against social standards by default as I do not do certain unecessary things that people generally do.


leading the leaders is easier than leading the followers


02-21-2003 - 17:00


 the band Great White is killer

85 people just got killed at their show is RI!
you cant sue the federal government
you can not take the federal, state or local governemt itself, or the court system to court
you can sue people and corporations
 the white house is a place filled with people
you can sue the poeple in there
 here is a for instance
you might be able to sue the FBI
but that would be hard
 you might be able to sue a police deparent ment
you can sue a tiny part of the goverment at best
you might be able to sue a school
but ultimately the shcool would have to pay monye and someone at the school would take responsibility
someone or group of people

02-24-2003 - 01:18


The US governments official web site that includes all the information on The Draft:


Based on the information on that site, all I have to do is present a
certified definition of veganism then prove that I am and have been vegan
for the last three years. Females are NOT ALLOWED to register for The Draft.

By being vegan not only do I object to violence, I also prove that I have
exemplified that behavoir in my everyday life. I can also testify that I am
indeed commited to this path and will continue it indefinitely.

This is not so say I will truely escape. They could still put me to work in
non-miltary areas of the government, such-as information technology. That
would be fine as long as they do not drug test me.
The above web site has an online registration for anyone who has not
registered with Selective Services. I was not sure if I had registered, so I
registered on the site and it simply said that I was already registered.


02-25-2003 - 01:37

 i know some stuff about emulator theory
 virtual machines
 java uses a virtual machine
 an emulator is a virtual machine
 but also a virtual machine can be a virtual partition of the actual hardware
so you can install windowsxp then install a software to a virtual machine pc with linux and effetivly give both eual cpu time with very little loss (emulators are less efficient)
 java is basicly an emulator
 or the JVM


02-26-2003 - 01:18


i phased out mac OSX as a server

now macOSX is my digital filing cabnet

the windows 2000 server is my lan file server and work in progress back up server

i have take extensive measures to ensure the safety of my data

i even back up my whole reason folder every time

all 100 megs

so i can go back to dozens of different versions of files

also i have kept my main data archieve away from my lan and wan server

that leaves my xp machine as my main work station