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ratjed Online Now!
Age: 24
Location: Amherst, MA
The real question is: "What makes me the same as everyone else." Well, I am human, male, l... [read more]
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Browsed 45 Times

Member for 213 days

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Age 24
Location Amherst, MA
Looking For New Friends
Relationship Status Single
Hair Light brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 5' 8"
Body Type Average
Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Languages English
Religion Buddhist / Taoist
Education Some college
Current Occupation Self Employed
Income Less than $24,999
Smoking I smoke socially
Drinking I drink socially / Occasionally
Have Children No
Want Children No
Astrological Sign Cancer

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Communication Style
Relationship Role
Romantic Style
Importance of Wealth
Need for Independence

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The Ultimate Personality TestSocialite
The Classic IQ Test120-144
The Values TestPrivacy Guardian
What's Your Best Quality?Independent
What's Your True Color?Brown

Edit Edit How He's Different

The real question is: "What makes me the same as everyone else." Well, I am human, male, live on Earth; things like that. Hmm, what else... I use computers, drive cars, live in a house... Such is the life of a human, post year 2000.

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I'm just looking for what I need. Everything else I find is potentially a bonus.

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I'm Passionate About...
Business, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Fine arts, Gadgets / techie stuff, Inspiration / self improvement, Listening to music, Playing / singing music, Religion, Science, Taking educational classes, Watching TV, Volunteering
Mostly, all I do is go to school, work and in my spare time do things that will help me get ahead at school and make more money (not that I care about money so much, I just need to pay the 'ol bills).
Sports I Watch
I'll get back to you on that
Sports I Participate In
Aerobics, Backpacking, Bicycling, Mountain biking, Running / walking, Soccer, Tennis, Weightlifting
I'll get back to you on that
Turn-ons: Brainiacs, Confidence, Goofiness, Intelligence, Manners
Turn-offs: Baby talk, People with dogs, Public displays of affection, Skinny dipping
Music I'm Into:
Alternative, Blues, Classical, Electronica, Hard rock, Jazz, Rock, Other
My Hangouts:
I can be found in my office most of the time.

Edit Edit More About Him

I'm picky when it comes to:
I am vegan; I don't buy products containing eggs, milk, cheese, leather, etc. There is more to it I guess, but it can be hard to explain; mostly to do with acting vs. not acting (e.g. Taoism).
In my bedroom, you'd find:
A whole bunch of weird stuff: TV, bed, computers, cloths... great fun...
Best things I learned from my parents:
Tons; too much to talk about here.
Three things I can't live without:
Just things that this modern society can't seem to live without, such as computers, cars, houses, etc.