What do you believe?

It is astounding how my life has slowly but steadily changed, since I have renewed my beliefs. Beliefs in "what" you may ask? My belief in the power and significance of dreams... My belief in a just reward for a job well done... My belief in a heaven-like Utopia over that last horizon... My belief in God(s) and Godess(es) living in places so old and distant, that we have forgotten their names... But most importantly, my belief in magick and it's relationship with me. Any number of you may already be weighing down your minds and hearts with preconceived notions of what I mean when I speak of Gods, Godesses, and magick. Envisioning the crone, older than dirt, with more warts than wits; dancing a jig around a cauldron because she has discovered a "little pretty" in the neighboring village, that she plans to have for dinner... that is not me, Picturing a coven of "witches", dark garbed, foul souled and worshiping "Satan" and "sacrifice" in a dark cave or moon-lit glen... that is not me, Thinking of an american indian shaman so high from payote, mushrooms, or his "peace pipe," that he's speaking to, and having a "conversation" with the Great Spirit... that is not me, at least not quite. Then what "am" I you ask? It's simple really. I... am a son and a brother, the sixth child of nine. I... am a student, of psychology, of literature, and of life. I... am an uncle, of five nieces and four nephews I... am a soldier, a cadet in the united states army. I... am friend, of people more numerous than, and just as important as my family. I... am an example of unity, a man dark of skin, but with other ancestors from Native American and European stock. And of course, I... am an aspiring priest, of the Greek Godess Hecate (see statue above). All of this means just one thing, that I am just like everyone else. I admit that I have experimented with drugs in the past. I admit that my beliefs could be construed as unfounded, and bordering on delerium based on the beliefs of the majority, but I don't think so. I've never been a part of the majority before, so why should I start now. I believe that the personal beliefs of every person on earth are THE most significant part of life, as they determine the realities in which we each live. I, like I did as a child, believe in magick, and my life is more fulfilling, fun, and livable because of it. I am not the only believer.

The blessing of Hecate upon thee,

My Shoes

How sane would you be,
if you'd danced along the razor's edge for so long,
that you could not see the skin beneath the scars;
How often would you smile,
if your heart had been torn and rended so many times,
that you grew blind to the difference between broken and whole;
How would you cope,
if the glittering stars fell from heaven and took up residence behind your dreaming eyes,
and were still dancing before you the morning after;
How would you feel,
if you'd seen visions of saints, angels, and Gods' a plenty,
and been told that you were right all along...
How long would you last,
if you'd been walking in my shoes?

-Grayfire- 1:52

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