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Enough's enough! I've been in a personal limbo for far too long, now I want out!
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wHo aM i?


The thoughts that I have had must necessarily be as numerous as all of the moments of my life. Since I do not want to attempt to recall them all nor to forget the important ones, I have decided to write a few of them down in the form of poetry . Some people have told me that once they read what I have written (prose), they are amazed at how different my thoughts must be from their own, and that they are worth note. Thus I have decided to share a few of those also. Showing the world how I see it is some times difficult, but I am willing to make the effort, if you are willing to read what I write. So sign my Journal to let me know that you have been here, tell me what you think.

As a child, I was incouraged to do the things that I enjoy, consequently my interests are many. Besides attempting to write :) I do many things but most of these, you'll never get to see. My fascination for Role-Playing games , and some of my strange but note worthy ideas, I can however show to you, just give me time.

-Why write?

Someone asked me why I write and this is a pretty good answer. I write for many reasons and chief among them is that I really have no choice. The patterns of thought that drive me require that my words exist beyond my mind, and although speaking makes that possible, i could make an analogy between masturbation and sex; it's not nearly as fulfilling.
I write to clarify some of my own ideas. i write in order to receive positive attention. Do you know how much it means to me when some way praises my writing? Right now I have neither a girlfriend nor a boyfriend but that doesn't seem to matter when I've got enough "insignificant others" to fill that emptiness with comments and compliments. If I can't have a physical lover or even a "lust buddy," I'm damned sure going to have some way to balance that.
My writing seems to be the easiest way for me to share my "unsharable parts." I write when I'm lonely. I write when I'm sad. I write when I'm excited. I write when I'm confused. I write when I'm bored. If I'm not writing them i'm usually at least thinking about doing so. I don't kid myself as much as I used to. When I write and someone loves it then it tells me that though no one seems to want my body, my mind and my spirit are definitely worth while. So basically writing keeps me alive by making sure that I value myself enough to witness tomorrow.


If you can't forgive me for working slowly I've got a simple solution for you,

Don't come back!

If you want to email me try and I'll get back to you at some point.


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