Anyone for a short story?

I would like to consider myself a writer (aspiring author?), and anyone in the "field" knows that I writer does best when writing about the things he or she knows. I am a combination of many things, some parts are very good by most people's standards, some parts however are "debateable", and what I write reflects this. If you read something here that you dislike, keep in mind that this is just my creativity and perspective, nothing hear was written solely to upset others.

Let's get things started shall we???

The Beginning...

     Somewhere, far out in the cosmos, on a world with a star that we've never seen in this 
life-time, nor ever will, a child was born.  This child was only special in so much as every 
child is special.  It was born of a mother and father, grew, lived, and learned just like any 
other.  This child, as is normal, had both It's merits and flaws, It's problems and it's 
pleasures.  This child was normal in all respects, from the perspective of the world in which 
It was born.  Many of the laws and rules of that world were similar to our own, and many of 
them would be incomprehensible to us, and the child carried them always.  
     Time passed, and with it's passage the child, became an adolescent, and the adolescent 
became an adult.  Once It had learned all that It could, as fast as It could, for as long as It 
could, it followed the example of those who'd come and gone before It.  On their world, it was 
a common and useful practice for those willing and able, to travel away from home when they 
felt the time was right.  When It's time came, It left home.  It did not leave the way you and 
I would leave home, by packing all of our belongings into a too small vehicle, spreading hugs, 
kisses, and good byes to our loved ones.  It simply gathered It's heart, soul, and will, and 
moved off from home, into the endless landscapes of the night sky.
     It traveled to and through what for us, would be a time before time, moving and doing 
what felt right and natural.  But even the strongest willed and most independent souled, if 
raised in a loving, caring, and positive environment, will become lonely without company.  So 
It ceased it's travels in aimlessness, and sought the company of It's family among and 
sometimes within the stars.  To this end It met many and saw much, but was not satisfied in 
this way, although no longer did It feel alone.  After much thought It set off on It's own, 
again searching and seeking for what, It knew not.
     In time It found itself again beyond the lines of reason and the sight of the stars.
Again It was alone, dwelling in the emptiness at the edge of time, where galaxies and universes 
had lived and... died. Without a goal beyond discovery, nor company beyond It's own thoughts 
and memories, It considered again returning to the always waiting bossom of the family, but 
did not.  It knew that such a journey could and would only be temporary, as it had before.  
There It waited, hoping and meditating, with the patience of one who stands above and beyond 
time as we now know it.  There, for the first time in It's existence, It felt the grief and 
sorrow of the lost and alone.  It was there, in depths of darkness that can only be found in 
the abyss of empty space, whilst wanting only the warm embrace of It's mother, that It let 
forth It's first wail of anguish.  And the sound of It's yen, would be enough to rupture hearts 
and devour minds with sympathy alone.
     And the song of lament It sang created a motion, and the motion caused a vibration, and
that vibration was light.  The darkness, that was in part It's sorrow, fled before and behind 
that light.  Observing what had been done, It was uplifted, and thus It smiled, but this was 
not enough.  Even as It watched, the lingering resonance of It's pain faded, taking the spark 
of light and hope with it.  And agian, It, was alone in the darkness.

To be continued...


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