Fishing with shoe laces...

I had a dream last night,                      And yet, it was so strange,
 (this morning)                                  (real)
It was one of those strange ones,              and very odd,
you know, "strange"                              (frightening)
 (real)                                        that my friend
I came upon a man who was a boy,                 (love)
 (friend)                                      in danger, fled the scene,
My friend had also a companion                   (fled my life)
 (an equal)                                    leaving me alone with his friend.
whose face I did not know,                       (with anger).
 (want to know)                                But I forced myself to wake,
but whose hateful efforts I recognized.          (I hid)
 (shared).                                     and everything was better for a while...
They were fishing with shoe laces,               (postponed)
in the streamlike sea of life.                      Myron Thomas Weeks
 (face of death).                                           6:53
We stood upon a shore,                                     7/28/96
composed solely of serpents and snakes,
 (of fear)
devouring themselves.

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