Me as an abstract concept?


I have a large ego where I am the subject matter. I am an official Myron expert but my otherwise ever so large ego (though it rise higher than that tower in France) has more holes than grocery store swiss cheese. None of us really know a thing. We base reality on guesses, and it is an act of a fool to place more validity on our own guesses than on another's. I find myself doimg it sometimes anyway.
I am quite willing and as a matter of fact searching for the wisdom of others. Most of my friends (though I love them more than my blood relatives) aren't usually resevoirs of vast knowledge. So I read books, and every once in a while meet someone new :-), always with an open mind. I spend most of my time with me and that is where most of my ideas come from.
The majority of my persona is comprised of an attempt to not, repeat the errors that I have seen others make. I try to avoid hypocracy, and ignorance, and prejudice. I attempt to make myself happy, without sacrificing the happiness of others, i.e. I try not to steal, but sometimes it's too easy. I would never steal from a poor man, but in the past department store chains have felt the touch of my sticky fingers, when I could not deny my baser desires.
When I speak/write I speak the way I think; the way I attempt to live;honestly, and perhaps that gives me and subsequently my voice, a certain "_______"(insert perfect word there) that many people lack. But it could just be my ego :-) It's more than likely a combination of both.
I am a liberal of mind and heart, an oft times pessimist, and a critic of all things (including myself). I find joy in music, life, companionship, and intermitent solitude. I have a tendency to dwell on the "good" parts of life while pretending to dwell on the bad. Face it, I'm odd and will always be so. Isn't life grand?

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